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Online Marketing Tools – Link Bait

ContractStore have developed a generic privacy policy that can be used on business websites. The deal is, it’s available free of charge, as long as a link to the ContractStore website is shown. They have developed some useful free documents for business in the past, but on this occasion they have specifically designed it for… Continue reading

Online PR Tools for WordPress

The PRX Online PR tool, helps publishers build social media press releases in a format ready to be published. This offers guidance for newcomers to PR, and helps produce articles in standard Press Release format – making it more likely to be published in full. The PRX Online PR tool for WordPress is particularly useful… Continue reading

Google Checkout to take on PayPal – anyone for a game of Monopoly?

Google have a relatively new service called Checkout in the US which they have just launched in the UK (Google Checkout). This application has similar functionality to PayPal, but because Google has its fingers in so many pies, I see potential for this to be very much integrated into the whole Internet experience. They already… Continue reading

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