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Power to the people! How social networking sites can influence change.

I’ve always believed that people like the relatively anonymous nature of contacting companies via email and website contact forms. I know when I’m faced with the options of calling, emailing or using an online form I choose to email or use the form. So, perhaps that’s why 2 stories that illustrate how internet users are… Continue reading

Online Marketing, Webdesign Podcasts

I’ve been listening to Podcasts for a while now, I love them, but I’ve had to sift through some fairly horrific examples. To make life easier for those interested in the same field, I’ve put together some of my personal recommendations. Online Marketing Podcasts Academy Internet is a UK based company which produces the Internet… Continue reading

What Are Social Media Aggregators and Branded RSS Feeds?

RSS Due to the widespread use of RSS* it’s become easier to pull in information, content, images, audio, news and comments from various locations and output in an easily digestible, or even branded display. * RSS is an abbreviation for many terms which attempt to describe the phenomenon, but most commonly ‘Really Simple Syndication‘. Wikipedia… Continue reading

MetroSalvage 'Scraps' Old Site

Bolton based, Car Scrap Yard, MetroSalvage Ltd have ‘scrapped’ their old website in favor for a newly built site by Tickle, the UK multimedia solutions team. MetroSalvage are experts in Car Auto Salvage and End-of-Life Vehicle processing. So if you would like to earn some money for scrapping your car or buy some Salvaged Car… Continue reading

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