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Mel Carson from Microsoft. What's New in Search

Focussing initially on how Microsoft could be interacting with “you” throughout the day: IPTV Mobile devices T’internet Xbox etc Talking about AdCentre targeting, all the dayparting stuff and also incremental bidding based on age and gender. Talking about the “bleach” case studies. Getting traffic that seemed odd for that term. 18-35 males were clicking on… Continue reading

Robin Goad from Hitwise: Organic Search vs paid Listings. A subject close to my heart

Half the company have gone next door for the “Semantic Web and web 3.0″ We’re staying in the main room for something a bit more practical with Hitwise. We’re great advocates of organic search having spieled on about organic search vs PPC at length previously. Apparently 82% of traffic to Amazon is organically generated as… Continue reading

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