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WordPress Not Being Indexed

Over the past week we have noticed that WordPress blogs (including this one) have not been indexed by Google. After investigation we decided to deactivate all of our plugins, upgrade the blog and ensure that it was being pinged out to all of the search engines and it seems to have worked! The steps we… Continue reading

Google Indexing Audio

It has been a while coming and many have seen it as a predictable move but Google has finally promoted Google Audio Indexing to Google Labs. At the moment the only videos in the application are political, however Google will be expanding its archive in the future. This development indicates how Google will attempt to… Continue reading

Professional Viral Videos

If you’re planning on shooting your own videos to promote your site, it can be hard to get a professional finish. Hubspot have some great tips to help: Start with a script. Don’t try to impress your audience by imitating someone who impresses you Don’t use the camera’s built-in microphone. Be vigilant about your lighting…. Continue reading

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