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Analytics Annotations

Like many webmasters and online marketers around the world we work with Google Analytics on a daily basis however the system does have some short falls. These shortfalls often spark ideas in ones mind and recently I came up with an idea which I think would be very useful. You may have noticed the recent… Continue reading

Beauty & The Geek Night

Calling all Manchester bloggers and digital marketing enthusiasts. Heaven Spa (one of our clients) is holding a prestige event entitled ‘Beauty & The Geeks’. The night is an excellent opportunity for people to network and get a world’s first viewing of Heaven Spa’s new mouse finger massage treatment. The treatment helps relax computer users hands… Continue reading

Does Social Media Advertising Work

A key part of my role at PushOn is to look at Social Media optimisation and engage in relevant conversations for my clients. Although there are some great strategies out there for creating and engaging with communities I have recently been intrigued by social media advertising. More importantly I wanted to know which platforms work… Continue reading

Google Webmaster Tools Updates

Earlier this month Google quietly released an update to webmaster tools that allowed site owners to see the source of broken inbound links. This is very useful as you can check that your internal links are pointing to the correct files easily and also check that external websites aren’t pointing to non-existent pages. Updating internal… Continue reading

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