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PushON's Loss is Australia's Gain

The first sign that I’ve spent too long in the world of online marketing is that I’m sitting here agonising over which of the following openers will generate the highest conversion: “Hi”, “Hello” or “Greetings”. “Hi” fits well in a blog which I’ve classified as “informal informative”, but may be a turn-off for the more… Continue reading

The Consequences Of Twitter Faliure

An epic fail by Twitter…as experienced by Mr Hitler. We’ve been using Twitter much more lately, and rather than just submitting information into the aether, we’ve been getting more involved in the conversation. Microblogging seems to have the exact same reputation as blogging has when it was young, in that it’s aimless chat from teenagers…… Continue reading

Awesome New Viral Video Series Continues – ERP Benefits With David

Last month we helped K3 the ERP specialists launch their new episodic viral marketing campaign and today we are delighted to announce the launch of episode 2. This time round David goes to visit Astute technologies who are currently using a Syspro ERP system. David who as usual is far from enthusiastic talks to IT… Continue reading

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