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Is Lady Gaga A Man?

Well, I very much doubt it, but that’s the current Internet rumour. Google suggest is a user friendly feature which gives you some related options based on the first couple of characters you type in the search box. As a full time Search Marketer, it’s a time saving feature that I appreciate. It also shows… Continue reading

Common PPC Misconceptions

On a day when everyone seems to be writing about Caffeine (Google’s new search index) I thought I would bring you a few home truths about PPC. I personally really enjoy using and testing the various different PPC platforms and as an advertising medium think it offers some great benefits. The return on investment in… Continue reading

Adding Notes To Google Analytics

In October 2008 I wrote a post about analytics annotations and my desire to have a notes feature included within Google Analytics. The post generated some great feedback and today I have come across a tool that does just that. It’s a plugin for Firefox so I wouldn’t say it’s the perfect solution but it… Continue reading

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