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SAScon 2011: Search & PR

Nichola Stott, Stuart Bruce (All star PR),  Claire Thomson (SEO PR Training),  Barry Adams (Pierce Communications) Stuart Bruce Public reactions is easy to track. It’s objectives are usually around influencing and changing opinion. Use a tracking survey. At start and end of campaign. Map business objectives, to communication objectives then create KPI’s. A lot of work is… Continue reading

SAScon 2011: WordPress SEO

Chair: Joost de Valk (Solo Panel) Structure & Taxonomies A lot of people ask for SEO tricks/shortcuts… the most important thing is a a decent site structure. For that we have taxonomies in WordPress. e.g. tags, categories, custom taxonomies and custom post types. You can create custom post types for different types of content. Custom… Continue reading

SAScon 2011: Location, Location, Location

Speakers: Jenny Simpson (Stickyeyes) & Kristal (Welcome to Yorkshire) Kristal kicks off proceedings talking about Welcome to Yorkshire First FourSquare branded page for local constituency in Europe “They got this because they asked nicely…” Spent a long time uploading tips all over the region Empowering users means that people are using FourSquare – uploading photos,… Continue reading

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