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SAScon Live Blogging 2011

SAScon 2011 live blogging notes (updated throughout the conference): Day One Keynote: King Yiu Chi, AR Strategist at Layar Stat-o-rama – An Industry in numbers Market focus: Retail Paid Search Innovation Social Commerce Enterprise Level SEO Market focus: Gaming Mobile Marketing Goes Mainstream Day Two Keynote – Richard Dennys, Chief Marketing Officer, QYPE Feeds and… Continue reading

FutureEverything Liveblogging 2011

So I’m going to attempt a liveblog from some of the FutureEverything talks. I’ll be updating this page throughout the day. The internet of things that no longer exist – Dr Chris Speed Iconomical. Data and Infographics – Elizabeth Turner and Dave Boyce Open Transport Linked data/ Data stories Robots, editors, strangers & friends

Students showcase their thinking behind design

24 students graduating from BA Design Futures and BA Design Management courses at the University of Salford will be showcasing their work by engaging with industry professionals. They plan to be in the news, quite literally, by producing a tabloid newspaper to present the issues that they explore on a daily basis during their design… Continue reading

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