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Google Sites Mobile Landing Pages

In 2011 the average shopper used over 10 sources of information before making a purchase. This outlines why it is so important for companies to make sure that their marketing plan is covering all areas of media. Having a dedicated mobile website is vital in translating users into customers. A study undertaken by Google has… Continue reading

Malware in Google Image Search

Just in case anyone isn’t aware – Google Image Search has a lot of malware on it at the moment, so be careful when using it. If you’re using GIS and get a fake anti-virus security warning, DON’T CLICK ANYTHING – especially not “[OK]“. Instead, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and kill the browser window completely from there…. Continue reading

New Features for the Google Display Network

Yesterday Google launched a new performance bundle which allows advertisers to optimise and measure their Display Network campaigns more effectively. In an effort to further support advertisers this performance bundle is the first in a series to be launched by Google. The tools in this launch include Relative CTR, Content Ads Diagnostic Tool and the… Continue reading

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