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Open Q&A about Google Organic Search (a4uexpo live blogging)

A4U Expo Live Blogging: Open Q&A about Google Organic Search w/ Martin Mcdonald, Kaspar Szymanski & c Does HTML 5 Matter? Google doesn’t have any preference. However user support should be considered. Should i cloak my affiliate links? Don’t cloak anything for Google. Should you no-follow affiliate links? Yes Mobile specific site vs a responsive layout. Which is… Continue reading

Post Panda: Affiliates Guide to Surviving Google (a4uexpo Live Blogging)

A4U Expo Live Blogging: Post Panda: Affiliates Guide to Surviving Google w/ Daniel Bianchini & Kevin Gibbons of SEOptimise A session about Google’s algorithm update known as Panda. Timeline Hit in February this year and since then there have been five updates. The latest is 2.5 and hit 12% of sites. Daniel asks whether this is the last… Continue reading

Am I Taking Advantage of Seasonality in Affiliate Marketing? (a4uexpo Live Blogging)

a4u Expo Live blogging w/ Zak Edwards (PrezzyBox), Tim Jessop (Tesco), Tina Judic (Found), Gillian Makepeace (Debenhams), Charlie Ranger (TUI/ Thomson) Some quick stats:- Christmas planning is starting earlier each year. The spike happened 9 weeks before Christmas 3 years ago, this is now at 16 weeks. Early snow affected online behaviours last year –… Continue reading

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