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  • James Flacks

    Did you hear the one about the zombie comedian? He was dead funny

    Did you hear about the zombie standup. He died on stage.

    Why don’t you gamble with a zombie? Cos they’re gonna stiff you out of your cash.

    Why did the zombie lover join the army? Because he wanted to be in the corpse.

    Why was the zombie in love with the ugly nerdy girl? Because he only cared about her brains.

    Which is the zombies favourite body of water? The DEAD Sea.

    What’s a Hungarian zombie’s favourite dish? Brain GHOULASH.

    Why did the zombie upset his ghoulfriend? Because he was LATE!

    Why don’t werewolves go to zombie parties? Because they’re totally lifeless.

    Why don’t you want a zombie as your gardener? Because they’re pushing up daisies.

    How did the zombie lose weight? With natural diet pills.