The primary function of a website is that it works. No amount of design, promotion or outreach will save a site that fails to get customers to their destination.

Millions of websites online today are based on the brilliant WordPress platform. From personal blogs to international news outlets – and this very site – the platform invites itself to be changed, redesigned, reskinned and repurposed. But crucial to its success is that when you’re in edit mode – writing a new piece or curating other people’s content – your WordPress looks and feels the same as any other installation. It’s an online word processor that lets you manipulate text and embed media to be exactly how you want it.


While the content is in your hands, the performance of the site is in the developer’s. With PushON developing your WordPress site, you’re assured of the best possible installation, built on years of experience and a meticulous attitude to quality.

Plugin Development

Part of what makes WordPress so powerful is the way that plugins can be integrated into any installation to extend its functionality way beyond the basic architecture. They can be downloaded from the WordPress site or custom built to your specifications.

Bespoke Plugins

Our developers can create custom plugins to perform whatever functions you need from your WordPress site. The benefit is that it will be completely unique to you and will be fine-tuned to your specifications. A bespoke plugin on the top of a WordPress site can be a cost-effective way of making a boundary-pushing web presence as most of the heavy lifting and routine development will be handled by WordPress itself.

Popular Plugins

There are a handful of plugins that have become almost standard and we often recommend their installation on any WordPress site. They include such plugins as Yoast (optimisation), Akismet (spam comment protection), Disqus (which allows users to reply to posts on multiple websites with a single ID) and Contact Form. Some are free, some are paid and some have premium versions. The best ones come with their own support networks and are regularly updated to improve performance and security.

However with any third-party software, performance and function cannot always be guaranteed and there are at least theoretical security risks if the plugin isn’t checked and installed by professionals.

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