Charity of the Year


PushON’s charity of the year 2017 is Street Support, a homelessness charity collective in Manchester

Street Support isn’t a single charity – it’s a network of organisations and people working together to end homelessness in our city. It’s impossible to walk around the city centre at any time around the clock and not come across someone sleeping rough in doorways, under bridges or wherever they can find a modicum of warmth and safety. Clearly the problem is deep-rooted and every individual story is unique, but thankfully there are people devoted to doing their bit to alleviate the problem.

Check out their website to find out what they are doing right now.

What are we doing?

Here we’ll be detailing the events and fund-raising efforts we’re carrying out for Street Support. Expect this list to grow with every cake sale, bike ride and voluntary effort our staff and owners do for the cause. And if you’d like to contribute or help out in some way, let’s get your name on the list!

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