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In the beginning there was VirtuAffinity; but it turned out that no one could say or spell VirtuAffinity. So a name change was in order.

VirtuAffinity was a company predominantly focused on web development and provision of dial-up internet services and is the acorn from which PushON grew.

We cannot ignore our humble beginning as VirtuAffinity because two key moments of clarity occurred that led to the realisation of PushON and where we are today.

The first was that through working with self-professed “search engine specialists”, we realised that many people delivering online marketing services at the time were doing little more than providing a regular report to the client and charging for having little or no effect. That can’t be right, can it? That’s what we thought.

The second was when we realised the SEO and online marketing work we were doing ourselves within the highly competitive internet service provision (ISP) sector was blowing competitors out of the water. We continued to hone our skills in all areas of online marketing and SEO and had significant success for highly competitive terms such as “Free ISP” and “Free Dialup”.

In 2005 we launched our new baby, PushON. With a name easier to say, spell and remember than VirtuAffinity, PushON was to be predominantly an online marketing company focusing on SEO, SEM and PPC advertising.

We launched with a very small team of just four but have grown steadily, and currently employ a team of 14 and continue to grow in head-count, expertise and services offered.

We’ve been regularly winning awards within our sector, both as VirtuAffinity and as PushON.

In 2008 we purchased 217 The Box Works, but within just two years we had outgrown it and  now reside in 216 as well.

To infinity and beyond…………

Where next? Who knows? Continuing to provide a high quality service for a fair days pay is priority number one.

Anything else will be a bonus.