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Ali Ashik

Ali Ashik

Web Developer

Ali joined PushON in 2012 as a Junior Web Developer. Currently taking a year out from university, he is well on his way to achieving a first class honours degree in Computer Science.

With just over two years of experience in web development, Ali kick started his career as freelancer developing bespoke websites and web applications for small and medium sized organisations. With a successful portfolio under his belt, he is one of the bright and young talents emerging in today’s digital world.

With experience in HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL and open source platforms, Ali is heavily involved in both internal and client based projects of various sizes.

Whilst not working, Ali is involved in a lot of personal development projects which he is passionate about and feels that they will be key to his success in the coming future. He is a sports lover and plays football, squash, badminton on a regularly basis and follows the Premier league and F1 religiously. Being strongly passionate about aviation, Ali has always dreamt of one day pursuing his dream career… becoming an airline pilot.

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