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Amy McCartney

Amy McCartney

Account Manager

Amy has been in Digital Marketing for five years, and has vast experience running online marketing campaigns across a number of sectors. She graduated in 2007 with a 2:1 BSc (Hons) in Psychology and worked in telemarketing and recruitment before taking the role of Account Manager for Just Search.

At Just Search, Amy was in charge of over 200 accounts, identifying opportunities to develop them and gain her clients maximum results.

Next, Amy worked in-house for an insurance and data company, running and developing the online presence of three websites full-time as their Digital Marketing Manager. She established their digital strategies completely, planning and overseeing full website redesigns and rebuilds, researching and mapping full SEO strategies and putting her plans into action. The results were excellent, with record levels of non-paid search traffic that improved every month.

As a regular conference goer, information gatherer and social butterfly on the SEO and SEM scene, Amy has regular contact with a number of agencies. She counts among her friends digital marketing professionals from across the UK, meaning she is up to date with modern techniques that enable her to identify exciting opportunities for her clients.

Through getting to know members of the expert PushON team, Amy took to the culture and joined the team in June 2012.

Amy has a very personable approach to managing client campaigns and has the ability to translate the technical knowledge of the developers and SEO specialists into easy to understand ‘client friendly’ language. Outside of work she is usually found at the gym, watching classic 90’s sitcoms, appreciating sunsets, holidaying or generally being a domestic goddess and cooking something spectacular.

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