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Daniel Collier

Daniel Collier

Link-building Specialist

Daniel moved to the growing digital city of Manchester mid-2012, soon finding a home within the marketing team of PushOn. Having worked for an agency in Brighton previously Daniel has brought with him a wealth of experience in offsite optimisation and outreach work. As an SEO consultant he currently works on providing clients with up to date insights in various blogging niches as well undertaking outreach work within those niches.

Prior to working within digital marketing Daniel held a wide variety of interesting positions from Undertaker to Bank Manager to Trainee Nurse, giving him a solid understanding of people from all walks of life. He has found this understanding to be invaluable to his work in the Digital Marketing sector now he has settled in to a role he loves.

In his life outside of digital marketing Daniel struggles as the only Arsenal supporter in the office, as well as reading as many books as he can get his hand on. Looking after his two children gives him an excuse to indulge in his inner child so he is often found visiting places such as the Lego shop and the MOSI on the weekends.

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