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David Gerrard

David Gerrard

Head of Organic Strategy

David has been working in online marketing since 2011 when he graduated from the University of Sheffield with a master’s degree in English Literature. Beginning his career at digital agency Anicca Solutions in Leicester he eventually left the sunny vistas of the Midlands and relocated to the North West, working as a Senior SEO at theEword before joining PushON in September 2013.

With experience across a diverse range of industries, David holds a strong background in search campaign strategy, link building and technical SEO. His primary aim is to provide solid, actionable advice to help businesses improve their visibility in the online space.

Outside of work, David is mainly interested in music, craft beer and cinema. He also spends a lot of time concentrating on his own online projects and striving to further his development skills. It should also be noted that he has devoted an unhealthy amount of time to Mario Kart on the Nintendo 64.

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