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Giovanni Di Cosmo

Giovanni Di Cosmo

PPC Specialist

Giovanni (call him Gio, it’s easier!), is a PPC specialist at PushON. He has worked in Sales and Marketing for over three years, both agency and publisher-side; and across PPC campaign management, affiliate management and account management.

He is experienced in managing large, flagship accounts and smaller, more personal accounts. Gio enjoys keeping house on PPC campaigns, and ensuring that they are well structured, efficiently monitored and capable of providing maximum ROI. This includes seeking out new opportunities for clients, be these within device, territory and language targeting, remarketing or tracking conversions beyond the immediate PPC journey. Talk to Gio about multi-channel attribution and you’ll likely wish that you hadn’t have brought it up as a casual conversation starter!

A self-confessed food and gym addict, Gio is the first to admit that he likes nothing better than writing new PPC ads, and enjoys the challenge of convincing the world at large to make that crucial click—in less than 35 characters per line!

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