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Tom Procter

Tom Procter

Web Developer

Tom plays a key role in the website creation process, regularly tasked with converting client requirements into functional website design. He has a strong understanding of what is possible within web development, and this unique school of thought gives him a very technical approach to design. In addition, his burgeoning SEO knowledge allows him to build the fundamentals of search directly into his work.

Tom has a keen eye for design, and his technical ability (he has substantial experience in back and front end experience) and aesthetic appreciation means he can complement the development team and add a meticulous angle that could often be overlooked in a purely developer orientated environment.

Before settling down at PushON, Tom collected over 7 years of experience in creating various types of media, whether it was offline or online. He also ran his own company (with James Sims) doing website design and development and is often found working hard late into the night on various freelance projects.

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