10 million people in UK now use Twitter

PushON | May 28th 2012

New figures have been released by social media site, Twitter, showing that active users in the UK now number 10 million. The site has additionally revealed that its international user base has risen to 140 million.

The new data from Twitter, which celebrates its sixth year of operation in 2012, has emerged at the same time as other recent indicators place the active number of Twitter users in the UK as the fourth highest for the site in the world; lower only than those in Japan, the US and Brazil.

Twitter has also drawn attention to the increasing activity on the site among advertisers, using such promotional devices as paid-for tweets.

Among the advertisers taking advantage of these promotional opportunities have been Cadbury and the British Heart Foundation.

The network’s newly released figures also show that it has maintained its strong links with mobile phone use; particularly in the UK where it was revealed that 80% of members who had accessed the site during the past month had done so via a mobile. (The corresponding average worldwide was 55%).

Whilst the high number of mobile users of Twitter in the UK is said to reflect the country’s relatively high take-up of mobile handsets in general, others also point to how Twitter’s original SMS-friendly message limit of 140 characters has persisted to this day, and almost become a trademark signature of the site:

‘Growth in the number of people signing up from a mobile…goes back to the DNA of Twitter’, a spokesperson for Twitter UK said.