A new report claims that the mobile marketing industry across the globe is valued to the tune of £3.3 billion; and that the strength of the industry is only likely to increase.

The findings of the report, produced jointly by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) – the UK’s trade association for digital advertisers – and its counterpart organisations across the globe, are seen as very much in line with trends already identified in the UK ‘s mobile marketing industry.

According to the report, which is understood to be the first of its kind in which digital advertising trade bodies have pooled their respective data in order to obtain an international perspective, the Asia –Pacific region boasts the largest share of mobile marketing and advertising activity, representing 35.9% of the worldwide total.

Following very closely in second place is the North American market, which accounts for a 31.4% share of this global activity.

Europe meanwhile enjoys a 25.9% market share; whilst Latin America accounts for just 3.5%.

Finally, closely following up at the rear is Africa and the Middle East with a market share of just 3.2%.

Commenting on the findings of the joint survey, Alex Kozloff, the AIB’s senior mobile manager, described the data as “an important step” in helping mobile marketers comprehend the global value of their industry:

“Having seen four years’ worth of growth in the industry from the UK’s IAB/PricewaterhouseCoopers Mobile Adspend Study, AIB UK was excited to work with colleagues from IAB US and Europe to provide these figures on a global level for the first time.”

he said.