Flurry, a major player in web analytics, has announced it will be making Flurry Analytics for mobile web available within the next few weeks. The system will allow users to analyse apps and sites optimised for mobile with only the one analytics platform.

Flurry also announced its success in measuring and monitoring the use of apps. It has reached a figure of over one billion connected mobile devices a month. This is achieved with more than 300 thousand applications made by over a 100 thousand businesses.

Simon Khalf, Flurry’s CEO, said:

“Flurry is among a handful of companies that helped shape the mobile app revolution…working diligently with app developers to optimize apps, improve user experiences and connect marketers to their desired audiences…‘Mobile-first and Web-second’…Flurry is opening up its platform to the mobile web.”

Flurry’s clients will now be able to utilise a single analytics solution for their mobile optimised websites and their apps. Using JavaScript, Flurry Analytics users can integrate the analytics utility, which is free of charge, into their mobile optimised site in a matter of minutes.

Brad Jones of Flurry further explains that the company is aiming to help its clients monitor their customer behaviour across a variety of platforms. The over-arching view they receive will enable businesses to effectively control their mobile provision, from apps to optimised sites.

The free analytics solution is going to be made available over the next few weeks at www.flurry.com.

Flurry Analytics provides a range of analytics utilities for a range of platforms from Android to iOS and including BlackBerry and HTML5. More than 100 thousand businesses currently use the software.