Salford City CouncilThe Government is getting serious about its commitment to accessibility, and Salford City Council are leading the way with an excellent example.

Get texthelp Browsealoud (External site)To the untrained eye, the website doesn’t seem anything out of the ordinary – it doesn’t sing, or dance. But the site is extremely easy to navigate, information is organised very well, and the developers have gone to great lengths to ensure the site can be used by people with various disabilities. They even give the link to a free text to speech software program to help visually impaired users.

Have a read of their accessibility statement, and see if there are things you could do to make your website more accessible. It’s tough to ensure your site is completely compliant, but best efforts will pay off. It’s not just disabled users you will be helping – it will help people with non standard browsers – people using PDA’s or mobile Internet for example.

  • Steve

    Browsealoud isn’t free. It’s free to use, if you are using the site but the software must be bought by the website owner.

  • Katrina Gallagher

    Well spotted Steve!