In October 2008 I wrote a post about analytics annotations and my desire to have a notes feature included within Google Analytics. The post generated some great feedback and today I have come across a tool that does just that. It’s a plugin for Firefox so I wouldn’t say it’s the perfect solution but it adds an easy to use interface to analytics. The plugin is called GA Notes and was created by a company called Epikone.

To see just how this wonderful new plugin works you can watch the video below.

My gripe about it being a Firefox plugin is down to the fact that I have to install the plugin on all my machines. Quite often I like to view my analytics data on the move or view it on external machines. If these machines don’t have the plugin installed you can no longer see the data. A small gripe I know but I still hope Google will launch such a feature.

To download the plugin all you need to do is follow the link below.

Once installed you will see a new button in your profile toolbar.


I have found it pretty useful so far and would love to hear other peoples experiences of the plugin.

  • Funnily enough I wrote to GA a year or two ago with the same suggestion…I thought it was such an obvious item to add in, but maybe it creates some vulnerabilities or something. Weird.

    The other item on the wishlist was to highlight new keywords that you are ranking for – or even better, model new and historic trends by performing some basic segmentation queries on your behalf as a default.

    I met with guys from Enquisite lately and they talked me through their tools of which I’ll be testing over the coming weeks, and from the looks of it, I think this might be just what we’re looking for!

    Cool post Mark. Thanks.