Marketers have been given a new tool to help them capitalise on the ubiquitous social media usage of modern consumers.

As they face questions about budgets and ROI, Adobe has created a new analytics tool specifically for social media. The exciting news was announced earlier this week.

The tool will be rolled out this summer, complete with Facebook integration for the first versions.

The software is designed to predict how users will engage with posts and inform marketing teams of the best times to release content. The software works by using complex algorithms. The algorithmic data is taken from analytics which have recorded post time, sentiment and engagement.

The software analyses every action and learns from them. It uses the information to refine its predictions and advice with every new post made. This predictive technology should enable marketers to fully maximise their social media posts as the need to guess and estimate responses is reduced.

Adobe announced the launch of the new tool in London, on Wednesday. Bill Ingham, Adobe Social Media VP, said:

“Social marketers have had to rely on instinct to maximise engagement on social platforms. Now we can smarten up social by unlocking the power of predictive analytics.”

The new product is part of Adobe’s Marketing Cloud and following the initial Facebook-integrated launch in summer 2013, it is expected that it will be developed to enable it to work with the other major social channels towards the end of the year.