Recently I have been working on updating a number of Pushon’s internal revenue generating assets such as and As well as updating the sites for organic search purposes I have been looking at revenue generating mediums such as Google Adsense. This led to me discover that Google is now offering services for incorporating Adsense adverts into RSS Feeds.

This is particularly interesting as we are currently trying out a few ideas with RSS feeds and organic search. Webmasters are also excited by development as new revenue generating opportunities have opened up. Well-formed feeds with high subscription rates for example could cash in nicely on the new scheme.

The Adsense for RSS feeds is of course not a particularly new idea as Google have been developing the product since May 2005. Early testing showed promising results so Google decided to release the product to everyone. A screenshot showing the creation process of an Advert for feeds can be seen below.

You will also be pleased to hear that Google has been working hard on making it easy for publishers with Feedburner accounts to incorporate ads into their published feeds.