The talk was very oriented to Affiliate Window specifically, so was difficult to blog about much outside of the slides that will no doubt be available post-events – so the apologies the following notes are only short.

Affiliate Marketing Trends:

– Est. £4,62bn in sales in 2010
– 12% increase in 2009 figures
– c.8% of online sales generator through AM
– Est. £275m in fees and commisions (suspected to be >£300m)
– Up from £245m in 2009
– AWin projected turnover, £52.1m (2010)
– Up 21% on 2009

There is a general census that paid search is difficult and activity is being squeezed. Affiliate marketing has gone mainstream, with more and more websites understanding the potential benefit.

– Key shift from PPC to incentivised traffic
– PPC has upheld volume but lost % share
– Steady growth in active affiliaites

Kevin believes there has been a change in shift between PPC and incentivised marketing.