Analytics Annotations

Posted by Pushonltd Pushonltd

Like many webmasters and online marketers around the world we work with Google Analytics on a daily basis however the system does have some short falls. These shortfalls often spark ideas in ones mind and recently I came up with an idea which I think would be very useful. You may have noticed the recent introduction of annotations in YouTube, well I think a similar system could be used in analytics. Sounds strange I know but hear me out.

I was thinking that the ability to plot points or add little descriptions to dates on analytics graphs would be ideal as it would allow people to track changes that they have implemented. So for example if you have recently acquired five new authority links then you could mark this point on the graph and then in the coming months see how the new links have affected your traffic levels. If you think how often we make changes to a strategy or campaign. Being able to monitor everything in one place would be idea. Anyway I would love to hear your ideas on this one or if you have come up with any other ideas.

I asked the guys in the office and they had some other interesting ideas. The ability to view rankings against the keywords driving traffic to your site was a particularly nice one. This would not be a difficult thing for Google to implement considering some of their other services. Another good one was being able to see conversions as an actual number rather than percentages. It’s often difficult to relate to a percentage.