New figures have revealed that Apple’s iPad is still the main winner in the growing market for mobile tablet devices.

The figures, released by the International Data Corporation (IDC), show that for the second quarter of 2012, Apple actually increased its share of the market year on year – securing a 68.2 per cent share compared with last year’s total for the same period of 61.5 per cent.

According to IDC, this market share equated to worldwide sales of 17m iPads – an increase of 84.3 per cent on the 9.24m sold by Apple in the second quarter of 2011.

Apple’s dominance could be said to be all the more impressive given that the IDC figures reveal the overall market for tablets to be still growing, with global sales in the second quarter of 2012 equating to the purchase of around 25m tablet devices – a rise of 66.2 per cent on the second quarter of 2011, when sales accounted for just 15m units.

As well as dominating the consumer market for tablets, Apple is also, IDC says, now starting to make inroads with the iPad into more specialist retail areas, such as the education sector.

The IDC figures also reveal that, among Apple’s competitors, Samsung was the only company to have achieved anywhere near a market share in double figures during the same second quarter period – with its tablet accounting for just under 10 per cent of all sales, or 2.4m units.

The Amazon Kindle Fire, meanwhile, was revealed as managing to secure a worthy third place with its market share for the second quarter standing at 5 per cent, or 1.25m units.