The new iPhone – iPhone 5 – has been unveiled by Apple. With many updated features, it is expected by commentators to be a hot seller when it starts to become available in the UK, towards the latter part of September.

One of the key attractions of the new iPhone is its extreme thinness. Clocking in at just 7.6mm wide – and with its aluminium case helping to bring the weight down to just 112 grams – Apple is promoting the iPhone 5 as the most lightweight and thinnest smartphone ever.

However, the new iPhone also boasts a number of other equally impressive features.

At four inches, the screen is longer than the previous iPhone version, with a display resolution upgraded to 1136 x 640, and 326 pixels per inch.

The phone’s camera technology is also much improved – providing an image capture that is 40 per cent faster than that of previous versions.

Importantly, the device is also ideal for use with fourth generation (4G) networks.

Not only does it incorporate a new chip that functions at twice the speed of previous iPhone chips (facilitating downloads of up to 250 Mbps), it also possesses a more sophisticated Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless capacity. While facilitating access to high broadband speeds, this also requires far less frequent battery re-charging than was the case with previous iPhone versions.

An improved headphone specification – coupled with an enhanced sound system and new noise reduction features – also makes the iPhone 5 superior to its predecessors from the perspective of audio quality.