Apprentice Runner Up 2012 Gets Financial Backing For Food Website

Dave Sims | July 4th 2012

Apprentice 2012 runner up, Nick Holzherr, has received a large sum of money as financial backing towards his idea, Whisk. Holzherr has received £177,000 in investment to launch his idea that he pitched to Sir Alan Sugar during the final of The Apprentice 2012.

The Whisk service is intended to create shopping lists of ingredients based on recipes that are stored online. It is designed to be integrated into online recipe sites and link people though to high street supermarkets and food retailers to be able to process the request with a simple one click process. The user would also be able to create shopping lists to be printed out and then take their shopping list with them to the supermarket next time they go.

During the show, Sir Alan Sugar was not completely sold on the idea, stating that he didn’t see the need for it, and that it wouldnt be a product that he would be wishing to use or see the value in investing in. However since the show finished it would appear that Holzherr has been in undated with people saying that it would be a service that they would like to see on the internet and would be something that they would support.

Nick is hopeful that this start up company will prove to Sir Alan that in fact he made a mistake by turning down his idea and will show that he can make a large sum of money from the idea.

[quotetag image=”/wp-content/uploads/realitytv_apprentice_2012_gallery_141.jpg” link=”” text=”I was trying to stress to Lord Sugar and his advisers that you don’t need a lot of money to build this, We’re hoping we’ll be able to generate revenue quite quickly” from=”Nick Holzherr, Creator of Whisk”][/quotetag]

With a large number of recipes now based online, and a large number of users using this as their main source of getting new recipes to try out at home, Whisk as an idea has got great potential to take off and be used on a wide scale with the correct marketing strategy put behind it.

One of the investors to buy into the Whisk idea stated:

[quotetag image=”/wp-content/uploads/clever-lists.jpg” link=”” text=”Quite simply, blending recipes with online shopping is a space in the online world which remains untapped, but certainly won’t for much longer.” from=”Doug Scott, Midlands Based Investor”][/quotetag]

Sir Alan Sugar, is well known for being a key investor in new start up businesses and is very successful at what he does, however it will be interesting to see if on the launch of this website if he in fact did pick the wrong candidate from the final few that he could have chosen from.

Whisk has opened its doors to anyone wishing to be one of the very first users of the site, as well as promising a new App that will be released on the App store. The App promises to give the users tips to help cut down in food wastage as well as giving recipe tips and a place for users to save their favourite recipes and shopping lists for future reading.