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Big Chips Digital Industry Awards

We had an excellent night on Thursday, although we turned to drink when we didn’t win… but lets be honest, I think we would have turned to drink if we did win!

Here are some of the photos from the night:

Big Chip Awards - Julia, Raj and Roy

Big Chip Awards - Simon and Raj

Big Chip Awards - we didn't win

Big Chip Awards - Simon, Roy, Dave and Kat

Big Chip Awards - Raj and Roy

Big Chip Awards - Julia and Kat

The food was great, and I was really pleased that some of my friends at Love, Flashtemple and Fudge did really well with their projects.

I loved the intro, which incorporated screen shots from the nominees.  This was done by Bes from Code Computer Love, you can see his work below.

Next year Rodney ; )

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