Big Chips Digital Industry Awards

Posted by Pushonltd Pushonltd

May 28, 2008

We had an excellent night on Thursday, although we turned to drink when we didn’t win… but lets be honest, I think we would have turned to drink if we did win!

Here are some of the photos from the night:

Big Chip Awards - Julia, Raj and Roy Big Chip Awards - Simon and Raj Big Chip Awards - we didn't win Big Chip Awards - Simon, Roy, Dave and Kat Big Chip Awards - Raj and Roy Big Chip Awards - Julia and Kat

The food was great, and I was really pleased that some of my friends at Love, Flashtemple and Fudge did really well with their projects.

I loved the intro, which incorporated screen shots from the nominees.  This was done by Bes from Code Computer Love, you can see his work below.

Next year Rodney ; )