Bigger and Better

A new year, new business, new premises, lots of new stuff. Well there’s a lot of new contracts coming through which is a lovely thing to happen in the depths of winter. It’s not so cold but the darkness is a bit of a bugger. We should have some new premises in the near future which will be absolutely lovely. Everyone is invited round for a cup of tea and a game of Half Life.

We’re also very chuffed that we have a new employ who is delighting us by tolerating us giving her absolutely everything to do. Katrina Gallagher is now a PushOn er. She carries the title of Search Marketing Consultant and will be handling many of our major clients. Katrina is one of that rare breed who understands technology and is also deeply intimate with marketing, having gained a degree in Computer Science and a Masters in marketing. Absolute gold dust to the likes of us. She is just launching her blog but unlike the vast majority of marketers, she’s doing the install herself. This of course makes my life much easier