SEOs (almost) always want to know the quickest way to rank for a given term in the organic search results as many clients just don’t understand that conversions are more important than rankings and will judge you on where you sit in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Although there are many factors that influence where your website will be ranked in the SERP some factors are more important than others. After taking a look at Bing for a few days now and carrying out some analysis it has become apparent that Bing uses a very different algorithm to Google. A good example that shows this clearly is searching for SEO Manchester in both Google and Bing.

The two SERPs looks very different, only one of the top ten results are the same and many big SEO agencies in Manchester are missing from the Bing SERP. You’ll also notice that the Bing Local Listings are not very competitive at all with only one agency being listed.

So which factors should you focus on to rank well in Bing?

  • A mixture of inbound links including a good number with good keyword rich anchor text (see this great article on Link Building Secrets by Patrick Atloft).
  • Make sure you write keyword rich, unique meta data which is also human readable.

If you have any other ideas on which factors are most important to rank in Bing please leave a comment and let us know!

  • rob

    I see, so you are basically saying do exactly the same as with every other search engine. Good linkbaiting :)

  • Roy

    Hmmm interesting, I notice for the term “Search Marketing Manchester” it ranks the PushON blog quite a lot higher than the main website. I’m going to reserve full judgement but at the moment I’m thinking that Bing just isn’t very good.

  • Thomas

    Interesting post, although you are basically saying you need to do exactly the same work to rank on each but you may rank differently on Bing to Google?