We’ve been at it again, experimenting with online video as a viral marketing technique that is. This time we’ve knocked up a quick, tongue in cheek, Pythonesque animation of PushONs alter ego and nemesis company PushOFF. The animation shows PushOFF demonstrating how not to put together an online marketing campaign for a company that sells shoes for women with wide feet.

  • Just noticed that our little viral marketing joke has actually started to rank for the term “Wide Shoes”. It’s Page 3 on Google. OK so we’re not going to sell a lot of shoes with that ranking but it’s a great baseline to start from. Maybe we should flood this page with Adwords and make a coule of quid!
    How have we got to rank without much effort? Well, our domain has some authority and changing content. It helps us to rank to start off with. To rank significantly takes a lot more search engine marketing effort though.

  • Katrina

    It’s now on page 1 of Google for “wide feet”*

    *Correct at the time of writing 😉

  • Great work guys! Love it and congratulations on the new enquiry! It makes it all worhtwhile!

  • good vid guys – niche marketing at its extreme!!!

  • Eileen

    I came across this you tube video after googling “Shoes for Wide Feet”. Most of the online shoe stores will have wide sizes under their pull down menu but no shoes in stock that correspond to the shoe size!!!! The sites that actually had wide shoes were all super ugly therapeutic shoe sites. Yuck! I’m desperate for a shoe store that will offer younger styles like platform maryjanes and thigh high boots (and I know there are many many other girls in my same situation)!!! Even torrid.com doesn’t carry a good selection of wide shoes. Please wide feet shoe makers, hurry!!!!!!

  • I’ve been thinking about this theory – surely the ruder and weirder you are the more links you will attract? I’m am going to give it a go soon, hopefully you’ll hear about it!

  • I have wide feet. thank you thank you thank you. You made my day.