According to the BBC more people know what dogging is than blogging!

Seven out of 10 people don’t know what a blog is, but blogs have been around for a long time now.  You’ve probably been on a few today, maybe without knowing that’s what they are.

Blogs are great for publishing news, and adding frequent articles because you don’t need to go though your web developer to add new content.  They are published via RSS which means people can subscribe & the content can be distributed via other online properties.

The content is the vital thing that makes a blog stand out, makes it readable, useful and good for your business.

Of course there are lots of people writing blogs about thin air & there are lots of spam blogs.  A stereotype is usually there for a reason, and the fact that blogs are so easy to create, maintain, and plug in tools which automate processes means that it’s easy for spammers & teenagers to use (not that all teenagers write the same type of content!).

The younger generation are usually the earlier adopters of technology, which tends to give new developments this type of stigma – putting them into the “I’m too old for that” category.  Just think of Facebook & Twitter, which have now broken into mainstream and have been used for very successful marketing campaigns.

Blog marketing is very useful for niche businesses in particular, because you can talk in great detail, and in a conversational way about your market, your products, and give related advice.  The benefit is seen in increased traffic to your site, you can rank for longer tail terms, and you can encourage returning visitors because there are regular updates with useful content.