Two things to note straight off.

  1. No agencies. Not one. If you try a cheeky punt, you will be added to our very public list of agencies not to do business with. (Well, the one we are preparing!)
  2. This is an ill formed thought. This is a requirement that is a maybe but not definite just now.

We’re at the stage where we believe a business development person would be very helpful to us. Business is strong and the shift in advertising focus is benefitting the digital sector.

It has to be a really strong cultural match with the rest of the team in PushON. That doesn’t refer to gender, race or creed by the way, it refers to our approach to work. We like doing interesting work that fascinates us and delights the client. It’s also got to deliver a measurable benefit to the client, after all, we want long term relationships. Consequently, the right person is going to focus on bringing in business of the right shape for PushON that will deliver a long term relationship with interesting and relevant work.

If you are purely commission oriented then you’re definitely not right for us. What the package is, we don’t know right now. Did I mention that this is an ill formed thought? It’s going to be a reasonable basic with a reasonable commission dependant on experience in the sector. Talking of experience, you have got to have a very good understanding  of the web and search. It’s a complex product to specify and sell. We do not like to productise, we like to deliver bespoke solutions to deliver best value to the client. We operate a really flexible approach to work. We’re digital after all, which means that time and place of work can vary as long as the job gets done excellently.

There will be some more requirements of course but hopefuly that might strike a chord with someone. If you think it fits you, or someone you know, get in touch.