According to a leading social media marketing analyst, the most viewed and interacted with social media content tends to contain a strong visual element.

Additionally, the most rapidly emerging new social networks and apps are visual. The ubiquitous Instagram and Pinterest are proving to be the fastest expanding social media channels, both of which are exponents of visual communication.

Nearly 90% of businesses use social media channels and Krista Neher, CEO of Boot Camp Digital, believes that the use of visual media is crucial in the promotion of a business’s social media network. She explains that with more and more networks providing visual representations and content, businesses should act now and plan to be as visual as their competitors. Neher explained:

“The most shared and clicked-on links on Twitter are images. Images on Facebook generate more reach, views, and interactions. Blog posts with images generate more traffic [and] recruiters judge your LinkedIn profile more by the photo than the content.”

Neher extols the value of image use and explains that internet users process images far quicker than they do text. As such, when searching or browsing, images provide an easier option for the brain to decode and draw people away from the burdensome text. The immediacy of images allow for faster communication.

Neher believes that marketing executives should be taking advantage of this development and suggests that businesses add relevant visual media on every page of their website. This will attract more traffic and provide links with visual media channels.