Changes to Google Search Engine Results Pages

Google are making more changes to the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Extended sitelinks:

The change to sitelinks is most noticeable when you search for a brand term. The previous results pages showed sitelinks under the main site as a list of links. Today you can see the sitelinks expanded in two columns as individual results with title, url and snippet. The new version allows a brand to dominate the top part of the search results page – even before exploiting image, video and local results.
Google Search Engine Results Page

You can also see a link to ‘show more results from [brand domain]’. Google say this is so that users can find what they’re looking for faster. (more info on Google’s change here).

Apparently, One-line sitelinks, where sitelinks can appear as a row of links on multiple results, and sitelinks on ads won’t be affected by the new page design.

“Show more results” rather than pagination:

The new ‘show more results’ option has been in place on Google Image Search, and now comes to the standard results pages.

Google Show More Results

This version may be useful if the user is still considering the first few results. It results in a longer page, and users can see what’s next without having to return to the previous page.

 Original pagination:

Google Search Engine Results Pagination
Google say that the changes have been made to improve visibility, flexibility, clarity and quality. In most cases, this will be good news for brands, but it also highlights how important it is to rank for your own brand terms.