Internet Explorer still holds a majority of browser share (approximately 74.83% as of April 2008), however Firefox and Safari have been showing a gradual increase over the past few years.

The trend is likely to continue.  The Asus EEE comes installed with a customised Linux operating system, and Dell started offering their computers with Ubuntu, a feature and graphics rich Linux based operating system.  Many of them feature the opensource Firefox browser out of the box.

Internet Explorer has an advantage because it is installed by default in most home and office computers, along with the Windows Operating System. Firefox is growing through recommendation. Most people won’t know the difference – they don’t care what browser they use, they just want to view content on the Internet.

I have to use Internet Explorer for two websites, one for online banking, and one for updating a clients website using their content management system.  Both of which don’t work in anything other than Internet Explorer.

It’s only when you explore the features of a different browser that you would be compelled to change. Whenever I go back to IE, whether it’s to use these sites or if I’m using someone else’s computer, it highlights the slow, crashing features of the market leader.

It seems mad, that some developers and organisations are still ignoring a massive, and growing 25% of their audience.

P.S. get Firefox

  • Morbus


    However, it must be only over there in the states. I never ever ran into a site that doesn’t work with Firefox, not my bank, not my country’s finances site, not mails, webpage management pages… They all work very good and fine… But I know some won’t work.

  • Katrina

    Hi Morbus,

    Thanks for your comment, but we’re based in Manchester, UK.

    I use which will only pull data from your other bank accounts if you use Internet Explorer.

    I was surprised by this because Egg was one of the first online only banking companies, but it may be due constraints with the data from the other online banking systems.