iTunes CompetitionCheshire Safer Roads Partnership have launched a viral video campaign to help promote safe driving to young people in the area.

The viral video has clocked up over 7,000 views in the short time it has been live.  It has proved to be controversial, as it has generated both encouraging comments and scathying one liners from the usual YouTube resident flamers.

Along with the video, the microsite offers the chance to win iPods and iTunes treats for Cheshire under 25 residents who can keep a clean licence and a crash free record for one year.

The competition also takes into account the opinion of friends.  It may shock some drivers who are unaware of their friends’ perception of how safe they are behind the wheel.

Some may say it’s jumping on the social networking bandwagon, but I think this social aspect with feedback and reviews from friends may bring up a conversation that would otherwise be left unsaid.

I’ve heard one of my own friends say “I drive fast, but I’m in control”, and have seen my other friends shake thier heads in disbelief.

It may just take an honest and uncomfortable comment from a close friend to get through to a young driver – unaware they are not as safe as they think.

So, if you’re young enough, safe enough and Cheshire enough, why don’t you see if you can win:

R8URM8 Road Safety Campaign

And if you’re too old, can’t drive or have any comments, let me know what you think on here or on YouTube.

  • Jo Dudley

    Looks like the viral is working well