Any questions about the efficacy of social media marketing have been allayed by a recent study. Experts have found that consumers who interact with a company’s social media channel are spending between 20 and 40 per cent more than other customers. In addition, consumers using the social media channels feel a closer affinity and loyalty to the retailer.

Many companies have known this for a while and most can be found on sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Whole Foods Market is one such company. The social media and community team leader at Whole Foods Market, Natanya Anderson, explains:

“The goal is to create a virtual window…through social media. Customers shop with you for a reason. How can you extend that with things other than direct product pitches?”

Whilst some larger companies have found success in their social media marketing, experts warn those still struggling to be careful. Frank Eliason of Citigroup explains that success means being a leader not a follower. Promotions should look to the future, to the next breakthrough.

Eliason advised:

“Be remarkable. Listen to your customers everywhere, not just in social media. Engage with your customers. Make it easy for your customers to have conversations about things important to them.”

He further explains that by their nature, all businesses have something of interest. Businesses need to create an interesting narrative and ensure their unique selling points are highlighted.

Some companies use social media channels to bring in feedback and the best react quickly to any negative comments, ensuring they always present a positive image to their followers.