A new report has identified a firm conviction among digital marketing executives around the world that content marketing will play an increasingly significant role in promotional campaigns over the course of the next year.

The report – by independent research organisation, Econsultancy – found that of 1,300 respondents, 90 per cent believed content marketing to have a firm and growing future in overall marketing activity.

Econsultancy also found however that despite this strong belief in the importance of content marketing, most organisations are yet to develop any kind of cohesive strategy in this area. The majority (54 per cent) have no team members specialising in content marketing, while 66 per cent do not have a budget targeted towards content marketing.

A majority of executives – 55 per cent of those working within companies and 58 per cent employed in agencies – said however that they intended to develop a content management strategy going ahead.

Content marketing – which focusses on communicating straightforward information about a product or service, rather than adopting a particularly creative approach – was viewed by 64 per cent of marketing executives working within companies as a growing discipline in its own right.

Moreover, only 12 per cent of these executives disagreed with the stated assertion that content marketing is more effective than advertising in driving sales – even though fewer than half of the companies they worked for were currently investing more than 20 per cent of their marketing spend on content marketing.

The survey also found that email and social media were currently popular channels for content marketing.