While famous for its football and its bands, Manchester is not widely linked – at home or abroad – with what some persist in calling ‘high’ culture. CreativeTourist.com is about changing that, taking advantage of the city’s twin strengths of unlimited bravado and world class digital know-how (that’s where we come in).

Launched last Wednesday, CreativeTourist.com is an initiative of Manchester Museums Consortium, a group that includes all the major museums and galleries in Manchester. It showcases the best exhibitions and cultural events Manchester has to offer, all wrapped up in a package that features writing, blogging, photography and design by our most talented digital denizens.

The ultimate aim of CreativeTourist.com is to attract visitors to Manchester; but this is not another bland tourist brochure. Like the city it represents, CreativeTourist.com is proud, passionate and controversial. It seeks to provoke as much as promote, appealing to visitors who want more challenging things to do in Manchester than the usual round of landmarks and tourist attractions.

PushON are excited to be associated with this project. Yes, we’re excited because broadsheet-quality content and high-authority linking opportunities make our job of promoting the site a whole lot easier. But it’s more than that. We’re excited about demonstrating to a wary public sector that search engine marketing has come of age; that search is an ethical, effective and, indeed, essential part of any online marketing strategy.