Today ERP specialists K3 launched the 3rd episode in their episodic viral marketing series and is entitled ‘David’s ERP Project’. The episode see’s David visit Power Adhesives to find out more about how they use the SYSPRO ERP system. David as usual takes a half arsed approach to the visit and even re-enacts a James Bond scene (the special affects on the full version, when released is a must see).

For us we are particularly excited about this episode as we are going to be trying some new marketing techniques. With the first two episodes we looked at target lists and specific social media sites such as Stumble Upon. Stumble Upon was key to us because of the user base it has. Stumble Upon’s user base is predominantly tech savvy and of the right demographic for our video. Again with this video we will look to Stumble Upon but we will also be trying some new techniques.

This time round we are going to experiment with Facebook and its advertising system. The system has come under heavy criticism however it does offer extremely cheap clicks and more importantly target very specific demographics. The user base for Facebook is also extremely high and we hope that conversations about the video will be generated on the site. We will also be looking at various content networks as this allows us to get the video placed on ERP and IT related sites. This type of targeting could prove extremely powerful in getting people to sign up to the series.

It will certainly be interesting to see the results of our new approach. If successful we can adopt this approach for the subsequent videos.

The video above is of course only the teaser for the full episode which comes out at a later date. If you head on over to the Factory’s mini site and sign up you will be emailed a link to the full version.

We hope you like it and please feel free to leave your comments on YouTube and Stumble etc.