Jamie CloutingI can safely say that we’ve all fully recovered from The Big Chip Awards; although some of us took longer than others…

We’re really proud of Jamie Clouting, who won the award for Best Rising Star for his work for PushON. Jamie impressed judges with his grasp of Social Media which has become a new opportunity for those within the Online Marketing industry.
Jamie Clouting

You can read more about Jamie’s achievement on The Big Chip Website, or read more about the work he does for PushON on his link building blog.

And if you’re interested in how the rest of the night went, you can view the carnage on Twitter, as we commentated during the evening.
And here are some of our clearer photos…

Our view from the table:

Big Chips

Socio Rehab:

Big Chips

Yes, all quite bad. I can only guess that the photographer took advantage of the Champagne…

  • http://www.virtuaffinity.com Simon Wharton

    I’m really quite astounded at how many people have tried to poach “our Jamie” already. There’s one particular recruitment consultant who I caught making a direct approach to the boy, who didn’t get his email address correct, who is now trying to convince me that they weren’t trying to head hunt. Hours of fun! Recruitment consultancy is not profession noted for its’ morals.

  • http://jclouting.blogspot.com “Our Jamie”

    Interesting – They were probably the same consultants that weren’t able to place me with anyone when I was looking for a job and yet when I get one they want to put me somewhere else!

    A note to other recruiters… the email address is BestRisingStar@pushon.co.uk 😉

  • http://www.pushon.co.uk Katrina

    Hope you’ve got your spam filter on!

  • http://artisanmc.blogspot.com/2007/04/real-life-pr-crisis-for-one-of-my.html Rob Artisan


    maybe you should get Jaime and staff on a football contract rather have them on a Bosman.

    I expect to see Jaime’s latest comments next to Theirry Henry