We’ve had some great guest blogs coming in over at The Feed website. They’re in preparation for our digital education event on the 10th October 2011 in Manchester.

I kicked off proceedings with a blog moaning about my personal education experience which suggests that the problems start early and are in education as a whole; It includes an epic response from my university lecturer Roy. The next post was From David Edmundson-Bird, Director of Executive Programmes at Manchester Metropolitan University. He tries to get to the heart of what digital education really is for. Is it to teach software or is it to develop the person? Next we hear from Ian Wareing, Project co-ordinator at Vision + Media. Ian looks at the way people are taught. He advocates the gamification of learning. Then Christina McDermott, Web Editor at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts writes about how maybe this time, the educators should try learning something.

Some great stuff so far and much more to come. What are your thoughts on Digital Education? Are you a recruiter or do you employ people to work in your business? Do the people you interview have the right skills? Let us know in the comments below.

There are still tickets left for the digital education debate next Monday if you’d like to rant In Real Life.